Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Going Digital with Video Book Reports

You might be looking for a book report refresh that gets the students' work off of paper and out into the world as an authentic publication. I was looking for just that recently when I assigned my fourth graders their historical fiction culminating independent reading book activity. This was their foot in the door to using iMovie on their iPads to produce book report videos.

Historical Fiction Video Book Report Examples

Historical Fiction Activity--Book Selection

Historical Fiction Book Requirement
Due Tuesday, April 4

Historical Fiction Book Activity Resources

1. Blank Story Map for Historical Fiction (to be done as homework)
2. Rose Blanche Story Map Example
2. Rose Blanche Book Report Script Example (to be done as homework in a Google Doc assigned through student's Google Classroom--the student will need to sign in)
3. Rose Blanche Book Report Poster Example (will be done in class) for classroom historical fiction timeline
4. Rose Blanche Book Report Video Example (will be done in class using the student's story map and script)

Call Me! Extra Credit Opportunity: One of the requirements for your historical fiction book activity is to practice reading your script so you can read it expressively and fluently. If you would like to read it to me once you have practiced, call me at (424) 262-0654, my Google Voice phone number, and read your script as a message. (Be sure to tell me who your are!) I will receive an audio recording  and a translation of your reading, and will be happy to listen to you read your script. Don’t wait to the last minute though, as you might have trouble getting through if everyone is calling on Monday night!

iMovie Instructions

iMovie Review

iMovie Publication

I publish student work to my professional YouTube channel through Google Apps for Education. You will want to make a folder to collect these videos. You can change the privacy settings so that only people with the link can view your students' videos.